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About Us


I remember the first stone – stunning Selenite – reminding me of superman’s ice castle. It was shining on the shelf glistening against the backdrop of a darkly featured display – actually a dark display in a dark environment at a witchy vibed tarot space. I knew I had to bring it home with me. thinking back to that time I can now see and feel how the Selenite was communicating with me. the start of what is and has been an amazing crystal path. I knew it was a special piece – even though I was questioning at the the time if I could afford spending the extra dollars – I went with my gut and spent the money ensuring the mighty stone would come home with me. Selenite being the stone of light – is and will always be a major influence in daily life and space for me. it was potentially the beginning of me being a light worker – a path of discovery and embracing what light actually is – living in the heart being in the light – a positive perceptive – a positive frequency – living in love – happy and joyous embracing life and love – felling and sharing love and joy. for me realising and accepting the guidance I receive as divine guidance – light guidance – guiding and prompting me to act as a crystal conduit – hearing and feeling urges, guidance and communication through frequency flowing through the crystal kingdom and all other things.

About Us

the second stone to come to me was a stunning piece of Spirit Quartz (also known as Cactus Quartz) again I was in a tarot space – this time a beautiful crystal store – as I was having the reading I kept looking towards the candle that was burning amongst a handful of stones. towards the end of the reading I knew one stone had to come with me. luckily the owner of the store wasn’t in at the time – as I took it up with me to pay at the front desk the lady said how special it was and how lucky I was that it had chose me – it is the shape of an angel (wings out). 

About Us

Spirit Quartz being the stone of spirit – again in retrospect the stones were obvious choices – however at the time I was trying to see the light through all the darkness I hadn’t realized as darkness. I had experienced many dark times throughout my life as I danced through the years – reaching out to a tarot reader had been how I found the clarity and direction I felt I needed. however once I had begun my crystal journey I had come to the moment when I realised all the answers are here – if able to listen. I found and find much knowledge and guidance from the crystal kingdom – so much so I now accept I am a crystal conduit – they are wonderful and mighty tools for those that let them assist – formed in the deep earth millions of years in the making – finally rising to the surface to share wonderment and mystery with those that come in their presence – each with a varied signature of healing properties. when in my darkest times it was the light I found in the darkness. It is a powerful force urging me to construct this site with the intention to share crystal knowledge as a powerful tool for a new way a new life a new light a new love.

it is time for a new home for many of the stones

the urge to create such a platform is to share crystal kingdom knowledge but to also create a pathway for them to call out to new owners and new homes – assisting and forging crystal love.


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