when choosing a crystal often we are drawn to particular colors – generally this indicates which chakra is needing some work or focus. based on these color selections – generally this will resonate with what is currently happening at that moment with the person. our chakras can open close clog and spin at any time depending on many factors. 

as a crystal healer all I do is work with the crystals and person to check how the chakra system and energy flow is going. through the stones I simply unblock unclog and tune up these chakras via corresponding colored stones usually chosen by my client or myself . by working on and with the chakras and stones we together engage a healthy energetic system allowing full flow of energy within the physical body – aligning with both mother earth for grounding natural energy and aether (collective consciousness) for divine white energy flowing fully through us for optimum energy and happiness.  

once someone’s chakra system is unblocked and flowing – they feel a freedom and release – letting go of anything held on to – allowing a healthier energetic system for healthier living – full flow creates a freedom to live in the present in a happier state – a healthier and happier perspective and ideal function.    

prior to my crystal healing with Boyd I was somewhat uneducated in the process. he refined my knowledge of the process before, during and after the session and urged me to have an open mind throughout the practice. I was asked to choose a certain amount of crystals before the treatment. I decided against looking for the prettiest or most visually appealing and after paring with a handful, I was left with crystals that resembled my blocked, or damaged chakras, which aided in the unblocking process. Boyd was very insightful and in tune to my body, mind and spirit and my reactions to the healing. he was able to explain and help me understand why my thoughts and emotions reacted the way they did throughout and after the treatment. with the knowledge I gained from the crystal healing process, I was able to make changes accordingly to my physical, social, mental and spiritual self. Boyd guided me towards the positive outcome I required at this point in my life. he ultimately provided me with the jump start I needed to consciously make positive changes for my wellbeing in the relevant period, post treatment.   



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