as stones are actually living energy sources and tools each with their own unique signature and healing properties – frequency is their buzz. when you have a few stones in front of you (or a lot) you will usually be drawn to picking up one or maybe more – the one you’re most attracted to you’ll usually pick up – this one is for you. you may think you’ve made this choice – but in fact it is the stone that is choosing you – based on what it is you actually need. It is tuning into the frequency most needed at the time – encouraging it’s frequency to work with you to strengthen whichever part of your being needs work or healing.  If amongst many stones it can often be quite overwhelming – what I sometimes do is to look through all the stones usually honed into several or many – to make an accurate choice I will often leave the room or store and go outside for a moment – away from all the choice – whichever stones or stones I feel calling are the ones I’ll go back for. I have often left a store and had a stone in my thoughts either later that day or the next day – from that I know I must go back for it – it is essentially calling out to me. all the stones I have and all here on this site are stones that have called my name as sometime – being able to let them go to move on to a new home is part of them relishing in the healing energy here in my home – collectively buzzing together in a beautiful buzz of charge and healing – it is time for them to leave my nest to travel wherever the call – allowing this site I am creating the pathway needed for them and you to find each other.



stones often need some cleansing – depending on where they have been or who has touched them – effecting their clarity and frequency – just like our own chakras; stones also can be dimmed or influenced by surrounding tones. to cleanse your stone you need to immerse it fully in tepid water and add some rock salt – leave it bathing in salted water overnight to completely cleanse them. once cleansed that are buzzing a clean tone – often their appearance will shine – come alive at times they’ll appear. 


also like our chakras; stones can often dull – charging them will get them into their optimum frequency – full buzz – it is full moon light that will do that – you can either take them outside to bathe in direct elemental moon light or even sit them on a window sill that captures moon light. i often will take mine out the night before full moon – to get them ready for full charge – capturing full moon charge – I rotate which stones I take outside depending on which ones call out needing a luna charge. 


you may place your stone somewhere in your home or office or car or wherever you like – keep it in your bag or pocket – they can go anywhere you have the urge to put them. the only advice I can give is – wherever you get the urge to put them or move them; do so – they are actually prompting you to move them as they will dictate where they need to be.    


if a stone goes missing or lost – it has done it’s job – no longer needing to be around. If it comes back then there is more work to be done. If a stone breaks it means it has also done it’s job – it could also mean it is time to share the stone with another.  


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