we may define chakras as an energy centre – which spins like a wheel and opens like a flower. human beings produce a complex and specialized energy field – a living network of subtle energies – electromagnetic energy. the chakras are significant centres within this living network – each with specific color and tone. the channels which make up this network are often likened to rivers – like rivers these energy lines may be blocked by obstruction, drained empty or full flowing and nourishing. where many rivers meet a confluence is formed – this is a chakra. the confluence is where life energies meet – a powerful pooling of energies – a whirling vortex of force – the wheel of life.   

when choosing a crystal often we are drawn to particular colours – generally this indicates which chakra is needing some work or focus. based on these colour selections – generally this will resonate with what is currently happening at that moment with the person. our chakras can open, close, clog and spin at any time depending on many factors. 

as a crystal healer all I do is work with the crystals and person to check how the chakra system and energy flow is going. through the stones I simply unblock unclog and tune up these chakras via corresponding colored stones usually chosen by my client or myself  – by working on and with the chakras and stones we together engage a healthy energetic system allowing full flow of energy within the physical body – aligning with both mother earth for grounding natural energy and aether (collective consciousness) for divine white energy flowing fully through us for optimum energy and happiness.  


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