Tiger Eye



Size (mm): 38 x 38
Weight (g): 14.5

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ELEMENT  fire/earth 

CHAKRA – base/sacral/solar plexus 

SYSTEM – trigonal 

CHEMISTRY – NaFe+3 (SiO3) 2 silicon dioxide with impurities 


KEY WORDS – balance between extremities/discernment/vitality/strength/practicality/fairness 

a stone of balance and creation. harmonizing both light and dark sides allowing mental clarity – grounding our physical and spiritual selves with vitality and charm. Tiger Eye strengthens our fortitude for enlightened creation and creativity – awakening our true will as it resonates with our solar plexus and lower chakras – riding the gut of our self. a great stone to quieten the mind for peace and tranquillity when ego is writhe.    


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